About MHFAP! Audio

Audio Porn Starring Monster Girls? It’s More Likely Than You Think!

Hey there, I’m punished Kom and I’m here to tell you all about my site and projects! First off you might be wondering, what is MHFAP! and what does it stand for? MHFAP! is the name of my ongoing webcomic series. You should really just read it but the TL;DR is that 4,000 some years ago, something called the Sexaclysm happened and humans all died off, male and female alike. Their world was taken over by Monster Girls, who previously lived in servitude to humans. By rewriting the rules of the reality their leader the Queen Mother made it so that through magic lesbian sex they could reproduce and the world has been theirs ever since. Until now, when a single man crashes from the stars and begins a journey to bring his species back!

Ok But Where Does Audio Porn Factor Into It?

Gone Wild Audio is one of my favorite mediums of porn, probably my second favorite just behind actual original hentai manga. It’s more intimate than just about any other form of erotica, and I LOVE it. I already have a big sprawling universe filled with hundreds of sexy girls and loveable characters, so why not publish content of them for my ears to enjoy? I will unabashedly admit that this is a passion of mine and I’m doing it for my own interests haha.

How Do?

Very careful casting first of all. I recruit voice actresses through Fiverr or word of mouth and then work with them until we land on one or more characters that they fit and enjoy playing. To ensure quality I only accept people who are interested in the project and make friends with them off of Fiverr. I then write all of the scripts myself for the various characters of my comic’s universe and oversee the recording, give guides to pronunciation, that sort of thing. Then I oversee the audio getting its SFX added by my mixer.

I’ve Seen People Credited As A Character’s Owner. What?

I sell OCs with lore and backstory written by me for my fans. It’s sort of a co-ownership thing since unlike most people who sell OCs, I’m VERY involved in them both before selling and after. You can see more details here. Since I’m not a voice actress, hiring all these girls can be expensive. So I tend to priority cast OCs whose owners can, you know, actually help me pay to make more audios.

Does This Take Time Away From Making the Main Comic?

No. This is a passion side project for me and it’s something I’m doing during times when I’m not working on the comic.

Do You Need Help?

YES! I’m always looking for more voice actresses to cast as characters, and for audio mixers to help me put out the finished audio faster. If you are interested in helping me with either of these, please contact me at mr.arrancar@live.com !

How Can I Ensure There Are More of These?

Patreon is the biggest thing. It’s technically focused on my comic, but the money supports MHFAP! as a whole. You can also just donate, or buy some MHFAP! stuff on Redbubble.