This Bird is Ready to be Your Mommy! Tali – Mommy Practice

Here lovebird, eat this! It’ll make you smaller… and then, Mommy can take care of you properly!


Tali flies towards you with a proposition! You see, this harpy knows you’ve been working real hard lately… and she wants to be the one to take care of you alone this time. What follows is a little bit of size play as she feeds you a certain bean you’ve experimented with before. It changes your size and makes you a bit girlier- all the better for Tali to properly mommy you and take care of her little lovebird! Tali gives an extremely passionate blowjob, with a bit of teasing, before taking you inside of her for one of the most intense fuckings we’ve had on the Fapcast yet. This audio has it all, so go lay down and enjoy yourself! You’ve earned it.

Tali is voiced by Khianni, a voice of unlimited talent.

Tali Pics

Whew, I’m super happy with how this one came out. Our first episode of the fapcast where Hero enters his femboy form from the comic! A small note, if you’re new. I don’t actually believe the soy makes you girlier thing, it’s just because it’s funny. I loved writing the script for this episode, as it’s the first time one of them has covered anything serious. We get a somewhat in depth look at some of Tali’s inner thoughts beyond ‘fuck me’ that I’ve alluded to for a long time. And Khianni… man, she’s just become such a skilled voice actress since I first met her its crazy. It’s like she’s a new person almost.

Make sure you give a listen to last episode if you like soft femdom like this! As far as harder femdom goes, I don’t wanna give the impression that I’m neglecting the fans of that. Let me just say that stuff is being worked on heh.


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