Here Are All the Characters Casted, and Links To Their Voice Actresses!

Main Characters!

If you’ve read the comic, you know who these are! They’re stars of the show and are the members of the protagonist’s Harem!

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Tali the Harpy!
Age 18

A young harpy girl swept up into a grand adventure after meeting the protagonist and losing their virginities together. She’s devoted and sweet but suffers from major anxiety problems due to her uncharactertistically thicc proportions for a harpy, which makes flight difficult.

Voiced by the extremely adorable Khianni on Fiverr!



These are canon OCs I’ve sold to my fans. They all have bios written by me and are an official part of the MHFAP! universe. For all intents and purposes they’re side characters, but some of them are VERY important still!


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Saber the Silver Dragon
Age 54

A younger dragon who struggles being one. She’s way too nice! Saber can still get into a good deal of mischief, but her glowing and friendly personality tends to beat past her nastier, dragonic impulses. Has some family issues…

Voiced by my favorite milf, Syotako23 on Fiverr!

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More Coming Soon!!