Cute Harpy Girl Skips Work to Fuck You! Henrietta – Harpy Hangout

A brand new erotic podcast episode starring a brand new girl, Henrietta, a very cute harpy of the chicken variety!

cute harpy






Another day of life on the farm, or so it seems… you wake up to find your Harem missing and a VERY cute harpy, Henrietta, summons you to work on the farm! Sure, you don’t wanna make Bella mad… but a little fun wouldn’t hurt before work would it? Right? At least you manage to convince Henrietta of this and the two of you have some amazingly sexy fun together! Boy, can this chicken cluck…! Cum enjoy this mellow morning adventure with a very sweet chick(en)!







Starring Syotako23 as Henrietta. I know, she has some pretty crazy range doesn’t she? First Saber, then Fiora, now Henrietta… she’s so talented!

Also starring MBTeddyGram as Bella, in a cameo role!

Henrietta is a MHFAP! OC owned by UrbanWulfe

Hope you’re all enjoying the podcast so far, we’ve made it to 6 episodes now and it’s been soooo fun for me to write and produce all these audios! We have another sexy erotic audio episode coming for you later this week, so I hope you’ll all be looking forward to that one. It’s not a sequel to this one but it IS Bella! Maybe we’ll have that Henrietta and Bella implied threesome eventually but right now it’s just a solo Bella one coming up.

As for Henrietta, I know she’s a newer character but god I love her so much! And Syotako’s voice brought her to life even better than I dreamed of! It’s not surprising that I love her so much, though. I kind of made her for that reason… I’m sure because of Tali you all know how I feel about harpies… and I made Henrietta to be Tali’s first big Harpy friend. So yeah. Enjoy the sexy gone wild audio podcast with monster girls!


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3 Replies to “Cute Harpy Girl Skips Work to Fuck You! Henrietta – Harpy Hangout”

    • PunishedKom

      In this stuation, the voice came first as I asked Syo if she could do a southern accent and she tried for Bella first but we agreed it wasn’t deep enough. A few days later I was like hm we shouldn’t waste this accent, let’s have you be Henrietta lol

      Not all of the farm girls will be southern sounding but a good deal of em.

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