Harpy Gets Her First Audio! Tali- Bound Birdy

Our Favorite Harpy, Tali, Spreads Her Wings in This Erotic Audio Adventure!







Tali, the shining star of the main comic, is ready for you all to hear her voice in this amazingly sexy gone wild audio of her! In this scenario, our cute, clumsy birdy gets caught in a trap during a dungeon dive. Yup. Again. Luckily you, our protagonist, show up to save her! But not until you have a little bit of fun with her first, naturally. Can you help her poor pussy’s suffering as the vibrating trap teases and pleases her? Meep!

To those new to the MHFAP! ride, this Harpy is the original member of the protagonists Harem and they lost their virginities to each other! She’s a strange birdy in a number of ways, from her inept social skills to her dramatic obsession with hentai manga… Needless to say she had trouble making friends before meeting our Hero. But now that she’s out on a grand adventure with him she’s slowly changing for the better- not just for him, but for herself as well! She’s a good girl plain and simple- she would do anything in her power to help those she cares about even if her anxiety makes this a difficult feat.

If all that sounds great to you, then make sure you’re reading the comic to get more and more out of Tali than audios could ever do for you! Read the main comic here for more sexy harpy girl action, and more!

Want some more visual stimulation? Here’s a good pic of Tali!

Tali is voiced by the incredibly talented Khianni, go show her some love!

Did you miss the last gone wild audio featuring Saber, a sexy yet smol dragon girl? Go get on that, it was really sexy!!

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