Sexy Dragon Audio! Saber- Dragon Cave

Explore this sexy dragon’s humble cave in this exciting and sexy monster girl erotic audio!






Alright, let’s do this! First post on this site! I’m sorry the first audio isn’t one of the main characters of the comic, but with the quarantine situation things have been a bit weird with some of their recording set ups… but hey, we got this sexy dragon to talk about! Saber might be small, but she’s already 54! Still very young for a sexy dragon like her, not to us! In this thrillingly lewd 18+ audio adventure you, the Hero of MHFAP!, visit her up on her snowy mountain and she invites you into her cave! And yes, I do mean both meanings of that word. But there’s only one problem… She’s small… very small. And you, Hero, you’re big… very big.

Read the main comic.

Saber is voiced by the incredibly talented Syotako23, hire her for your own voice related needs today!

Saber is a MHFAP! OC owned by my friend Blueeagle55

Click here to see Saber and read this sexy dragon’s character bio!


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