This Scarecrow Opens Herself to Your Bullying! Patchy – One Day Pass

Patchy makes a decision and instantly regrets it! Behold, the One Day Pass!






This audio contains- Scarecrow Girl, Maledom, Weightless Sex, Exhibitionism, Humiliation Play, Teasing, Bullying, Denying Her, Begging, Cunnilingus, Fingering, Self Degredation, Female Bondage


It’s a good thing you showed up right when you did, a certain scarecrow working on Bella’s farm was in the middle of fucking up her job again! But Patchy has a plan… she’s not going to be a failure forever. To become more resistant to those darn crows and their non-stop bullying, she offers you… a One Day Pass to bully her as hard as you possibly want with her consent! I know what you’re thinking, and NO, Patchy did not think this through. At all. It goes very poorly for her as you tease and please this little ragdoll with little to no remorse!

Patchy is played by a brand new addition to the Voice Thot Army, Emberstone!

Bella cameo by MBTeddygram

Henrietta cameo by Syotako23

Another audio fully finished and uploaded to the site, yay! That’s 10 whole episodes we’ve gone through so far and it feels like we’re just getting started with all the sexy monster girl audio porn content I have in my system! I had to spend a big chunk of today uploading all of Patchy’s pictures to the main site, though, so that kind of sucked but I know you guys need some visual aids so you know what Patchy looks like! I mean you can always imagine her yourself but still. As for what kind of episode is next… something pretty big, I think! So look forward to that when it happens, got a lot of surprises on the way! All of them including plenty more sexy monster girls, naturally.


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