Sexy Bunnygirl Has Found You! Lepori – Bunny Business

This Sexy Bunnygirl Hopped On Over To Find You for Sex!!

sexy bunnygirl






Out of the bushes hops Lepori, a very sexy bunnygirl with a very specific problem! You see, Mr. Carrots, all members of her species have VERY high libidos. Even for Monster Girls, hell, even for BEAST GIRLS their libidos are high! And ever since you met Lepori, Hero, she’s only been able to calm down her dripping bunnyhole with one thing and one thing only… your massive dick. Please please pleaseeee, won’t you give it to her? Lepori will do ANYTHING you ask… you can make this sexy bunnygirl yours if you only ask…!!

Lepori is voiced by my friend Jasveeden! Please go check her out and thank her for helping me bring this sexy bunnygirl to life!

Want to see a better picture of Lepori? Have a look at her character sheet and her bio here!

Lepori is a MHFAP! OC owned by my friend Kyuu

In other news I had a really bad day today. You can see the details of it in this link here to my Twitter, but I can’t post my MHFAP! audios to the GoneWildAudio subreddit anymore… it hurt. A lot. I really wanted to be a part of the community but according to them you can’t post any audio you didn’t actually record yourself. I’m trying hard not to be passive agressive but I felt fully brushed aside and slightly disrespected, but I digress.

This isn’t going to stop me from posting and making new MHFAP! audios. It does not effect my plans.

It does however make me feel abysmal. The audio reception was going so good, I thought I’d finally see some success for once. But nope. Another failure. We’ll get there…

If you missed the last MHFAP! Audio episode, make sure you check out Levy – Moonlight Masturbation!

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