Submit to Her Vines and Her Sexy Body! Rozalind – Every Rose

Brand new episode with a brand new girl! Meet Rozalind, the sexy, yandere Alraune!






This episode contains-
Plant Girl, Alraune, Femdom, Yandere, Male bondage, Extreme teasing, Blowjob, Orgasm denial, Gagging you, Tying up your cock, Striptease, Slow build up

You’re leaving Fiora’s forest, having just enjoyed the company that she provided you… but you’re approached by the most dangerous, and in her own words the most beautiful, girl in the whole forest. Rozalind clearly wants something, and though you might be hesitant… well, she IS your responsibility after you freed her from the seal Fiora placed on her. It’s not like you’re not interested in what her amazing body has to offer, either, but… you’re all alone. No Harem and no Fiora to protect you, and Rozalind is very forceful…

Rozalind is voiced by my new friend HyperRikku17! Goddamn she’s talented.

Visual Aids

Hope everyone’s ready for a more hardcore femdom experience! I’m so excited that this one is done and ready to share, it’s so hot… like… I lost my shit when I first listened to it, and it’s currently tied with Tali’s Mommy episode as my favorite one I think. Yandere girls just make me cum so fucking hard in audio format (especially if they are monster girls), and I’m not sorry to say that heh. Hopefully we get to do more with Rozalind soon but I am unsure of when that’ll be.

We should have another new episode later in the week starring another new girl with a more femdom lean but it won’t be as hardcore as this one was. I hope everyone can give Rozalind an open mind, I promise you’ll leave this episode happy! I know I sure as hell did.


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