This Minotaur Milks YOU! Bella – Tender Loving Care

Bella the Minotaur makes her debut (solo) gone wild audio Fapcast episode! This amazing cowgirl will take extra special care of her extra special man, you!







Bella invites you to her room after a long, hard days work of helping out around her bustling farm. You were a good boy and didn’t take ANY time off of work or fuck any of the farm’s beautiful monster girls- even though plenty of them tried to seduce you. Why? Because Bella told you to be good, and promised she’d reward you if you did! It doesn’t take much more than that, because Bella has two VERY large reasons to convince you otherwise. You want to be a good boy for this sexy cow, don’t you? Milk is very tasty after all!

Bella is voiced by MBTeddyGram and god do I love her so much. Thank you for making sexy moos!

Bella Pics

So a quick note about continuity. This Bella audio, even though it follows after the Henrietta one where she said she’d see them both later… is unconnected to that erotic audio. Why, you might ask? Lemme explain!

I wrote Bella – Tender Loving Care first around almost a month ago probably. Teddy had some problems recording it right away, so it didn’t get made as fast as it was supposed to. Then later on we cast Syo as Henrietta and I thought Teddy would be done with it before Henrietta got an nsfw audio porn episode made… I was wrong. So uh, we kinda have this weird situation where last time is not referenced.

But if enough people want to see where Henrietta’s and Hero’s punishment from Bella goes make sure to let us know! All depends on funding and interest.


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