Treant Girl Gives A Tired Fuck! Fiora – Sweet Sleep

Do you like Treants or other forms of plant girls? Well you’re in the right place thats for sure!


In this quieter erotic gone wild audio adventure, we enter a soothing and mystical forest home to Fiora the Treant. A lovely lady who stands at 10 ft tall and towers over you, our Hero. You have come to visit her for her lovely company and because her breasts are twice as big as your head. But there’s a problem, sweet sapling, Fiora is very tired! But, always being a nurturing mommy, Fiora is still up to fulfill each and everyone of your sexual desires… you just gotta do it yourself. Ok sweetie? And then, once you get it out of your system, you can have a power nap together with this beautiful treant!

Fiora is voiced by my milf caretaker Syotako23. Give her money so that she might become the ultra milf.

Fiora is a MHFAP! OC owned by Ryo-Ohki-Rosefox.

As for what’s next for this hyper sexual monster girl podcast, well, I think you’re going to like the answer VERY much. Milk is included, and that’s all I’ll say… but yeah. Pretty much all you MHFAP! Fans know what I’m getting at there, so let me just say that there’s plenty of monster girl audio sex stories on the horizon for this podcast! And I am so happy to have been getting the reception we’ve been getting, I’m proud of everyone involved! The actresses, Urban, for mixing the audios, the OC owners paying for their character’s episodes, and myself for somehow managing to throw it all together.

Some pictures of Fiora for you to better visualize her!



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